Award Winning Actress

Quickly Pretending

Pretending doesn’t
change the facts
just gives a rosy glow.
That smile upon my face
is tense, you may sense
the strain around the lips.
Those eyes that sparkle
have tears at the tips.
Pretending you love me
may hold some benefits
but I have to wonder
is it really worth it?


Sun With No Name

Quickly “Write about sunshine, or light in general.”

The sun slips up the sky
from the edge of the world
silently, no trumpets, no parade,
no blaring sirens, no wild
applause to welcome her,
shares her light and warmth
then slips away at end of day
silently, habitually, fearlessly
into the black horizon.

“It’s kind of strange to say, but Sun has no scientific name or designation, apart from, “the Sun”. Every other star in the sky does have a scientific designation.” site here

He Knows If You’ve…

Paper shredded – check
ornaments scattered – check
drum drummed – check
Time to curl up in a
sleepy mess. Oh, Santa,
I’ve been a baaad boy
and I’m not a whit sorry.

prompt from Quickly but I didn’t follow directions…. I’m a baaad girl, etc


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Twiglet 256

I look up from my reading
to see you asleep, smiling
your sweet tender smile
I tuck up the cover, brush
back a curl whispering

dream of Peter Rabbit or
Pooh Bear and Piglet
and you side by side
adventuring far and wide
Peaceful dreams,

my little one and
restful slumber till
you awake again
tomorrow morn, child
bright-eyed and wild.

Uneasy Passage

Quickly QNv 21 “Take the abstract word ”EMOTION” and illustrate, define, personify—do something to make it real.”

A flock of words flew in the sky
heading south for the winter
pixels of dense and light patterns
settled on a big oak in the field
filling the air with noise, not song,
discordant sounds of screech,
leaves rustling as they jockeyed
for position, leaves falling below
collateral damage to the riot.
Almost as one rising from the tree
taking no notice of the mess left,
the trauma to the bucolic scene
they flew away undisturbed
to disturb others.  I wondered
at the sudden quiet and was glad
but left behind was a spirit of unease.

VIP – AKA – Karen

QUICKLY QNv20 “Take the abstract word ”IMPORTANT” and illustrate, define, personify—do something to make it real.”

She is smug
insists on perfection
steak is too done
let me see the manager
She charges ahead
of people in line
cause her needs
always her narrative
as I roll my eyes.

*Karens come in every gender, race, country… they are everywhere

Moonlight Sonata

QUICKLY “Personify some wearing poetic subject, look it in the face, and tell it what you think.”

The music of the night,
soft fragrant air, moon
and stars above, stir hearts
to thoughts of love.

Her lips a rosy red,
beguile for a kiss,
no smear Revlon not
an afterthought.

Her perfume Chanel # 5
intoxicating mosquitos
to her side, he stifles a cough
and a sneeze – allergies.

The moon and the stars
start to disappear as rain
clouds thicken the sky.
And there goes the spell.

Moonlight and star gleam
I’m giving you warning if
falling in love is that much
trouble I’m staying inside!


Quickly QNv 16, 17, 18

From Chiaroscuro Darkness and Light Voices from poets – dverse Anthology
Dear Blood, Grapeling (page94)
Fare Thee Well, Moon, De Jackson (111)
Grandma Alice, Xenia Tran (66)
Well, Jae Rose (60)
Resolution, Petru Viloen (47)
Pen, {de:constructed} De Jackson (196)
A Treasure to Keep,  Kathy Reed (191)
my garden in early autumn, Victoria C, Slotto (179)
Ten Secrets, Mary Grace Guevara (155)
Dressed in their best, Lynn D. Wielenga (89)
The Aftermath, Misky Braendeholm (20)

QNv 16

I am stealing you
If you must know
I am writing on the page
Time sticks in our hair
Awash with silver
It’s a sieve
into a tin bucket
absent wrens and sparrows
I paint my secrets
portrait of fresh youth
That refuse to die.

QNv 17

I am writing on the page
Portrait of fresh youth
Awash with silver

Time sticks in our hair
It’s a sieve
into a tin bucket
I am stealing you

If you must know
I paint my secrets
absent wrens and sparrows
That refuse to die.


Time sticks in our hair
which becomes a sieve
into a tin bucket
I am stealing you, time,
moment by moment
trapping you in a yellow glow
like wrens and sparrows and owls
that refuse to die
but harden into amber resin
that I look at again and again.