Waiting for the Results

dverse  MTB: Imagism revisited Posted by Frank J. Tassone


Time stretches like a rubber band
taut, tauter, tautest
my nerves fray fry flicker
like ice dancing on a hot griddle
I pace, jump up, pace, sit stone still
blend with the second hand, circle
to a place where the waiting is done
where the news is known
where I can fall apart or
begin to breathe again.

27 thoughts on “Waiting for the Results

  1. I love the description of time as a rubber band, Debi, the way you stretched it using ‘taut, tauter, tautest’, the movement of time in ‘circle to a place where the waiting is done’, and the release in the final lines.


    1. Thanks, Sara, my newest grandson (9 months) has been sick with a high fever -104 for a couple of days and it wouldn’t go down. They tested for covid and thankfully it was neg. but the they noticed he wasn’t responding to sound so that scared us. Today he is responding to some so it might just be fluid. We’ll know more in a few days but it looks so much better than it did.


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