dverse Posted by merrildsmith in Prosery You must use the line that I give you below. 

“there is nothing behind the wall
except a space where the wind whistles”
from “Drawings By Children” by Lisel Mueller

There is nothing behind the wall except a space where the wind, Negafook, whistles his praise to the cold, stormy weather heralding winter. He is silent in the summer storms. He is quiet during spring squalls. He is noiseless when the first breath of fall loosens the leaves.  It is only when the north wind scuttles through the space behind the wall that he purses his lips and makes his presence known. And that is when I put the down comforter on the bed. And that is when I climb under its comforting weight. And that is when I am thankful for the company of Negafook and the whistling lullaby he croons for me.

In Inuit mythology, Negafook (or Negagfok) represents “the North Wind or, more eloquently, the spirit that likes cold and stormy weather.

27 thoughts on “Negafook

  1. Fascinating write Debi. Thank you for introducing me to Negafook. Living in the Pacific Northwest, now for 31 years, my wife and I are captivated by the art and stories of the Haida people, and more recently, my wife has discovered the black stone carvings of the Inuit people. She has several small pieces, including a stunning carved black stone necklace. I find them as captivating as she does.

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  2. I adore myths, legends and stories based on them, especially ones I don’t know so well. I love the personification in your piece, Debi, when the north wind ‘purses his lips and makes his presence known’.

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  3. This is absolutely stellar 😀 I love how you describe and give us a glimpse of Negafook which can very well become a series of mythological poems in itself. 💝

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  4. Kudos for finding a way to tame the message from the prompt line, very clever and creative. The myth of the Negafook is new to me as well. Native lore is always fascinating. I agree that this could be expanded and transitioned to a children’s story.

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